Glowing Fields

My client told me about an open field next to her house with a beautiful sunset. OF COURSE we had to have the session there! I arrived and my excitement was quickly replaced with a bit of panic. Was the location perfect? Yes! Was the weather perfect? Yes! Did my clients look amazing? Yes! So what's the problem? Well, I had to shoot with direct light. I was forced to work out of my usual comfort zone of back-lit subjects.

I am beyond happy I did.

This opportunity forced growth and creativity! I forgot all about the unexpected change once the kids were playing in the fields together, mom and dad were expressing love, and the whole family came together to enjoy what is right in their back yard. This session was glowing, exciting, and over all the best challenge I've had in a long time.

*This babe is my amazing hair stylist located in Katy, TX. Check her out! @hairxerinhamby