Styling for your session

Figuring out your personal style and coordinating outfits can feel overwhelming! So I prepared a session style guide with a few tips on what colors, patterns, and materials photograph well. Most importantly, I want you to wear what you feel comfortable and beautiful in. I can definitely help with some tips on what photographs well – but keep in mind, the goal is for you to feel confident and special during your session!


Think Soft, Earthy, and Neutral

My personal editing style pairs well with neutral, earthy, and warm colors, but there are a few more reasons to carefully select the color palette for your session.

Bold, neon, and bright colors distract from the authentic emotion and interactions within the photos. Most bright and neon colors cast color onto skin tones, so it is best to stay away and keep it soft and neutral. If you do want to add color, try to keep it subtle by choosing earth tones, or pastel colors.

If you are in a pair or a group, it is best to coordinate a complimentary color palette rather than being matchy matchy. This way everyone will stand out as an individual and photograph well as a group.


We all swear by black! When choosing an outfit we normally rely on this shade in order to make us feel slim, and comfortable (because let's be honest here - I know when I'm not sure what to wear I almost always choose something black!). However, black falls flat in photographs and can actually add weight by loosing any dimension in the highlights and shadows. If you really want to wear to your session, try mixing up shades, textures, and layers to avoid the photo from falling flat.

The client in this picture really wanted to wear black, so we worked on the outfit together in order to make sure it photographs well! If you do want to wear black, please reach out so that I can help make sure your outfit does photograph well.


The camera LOVES texture! Materials such as linen, satin, leather, lace, or anything light and airy adds dimension to the photograph and will really make it pop. You can also add texture by layering different fabrics. Maybe a silk top with a leather jacket, a cotton top with a denim jacket, or a dress with a lace trim.

& remember - TEXTURE = MOVEMENT!

Prints & patterns

Avoid any crazy and bold patterns at all cost! This is another great distraction in photographs, and most patterns will cause distortions when captured with a digital camera. If you do want to add a pattern or print, its best to choose a simple pattern, such as a small floral print, soft colored plaid, or a soft colored gingham print.

If you book a session, and a specific pattern is personally meaningful to you or your culture, please consult with me so that we can make it work well in your photos!


The most important aspect while choosing your outfit is being comfortable and confident. Stay true to yourself and avoid wearing anything that will leave you feeling uncomfortable or insecure during your session, because those emotions will show through your expression. The goal is to show up feeling like your best self so you can fully immerse yourself in the moment in order to capture the genuine emotion we are going for!

COLOR Palette




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